Our Recruitment Agencies France and Germany

GBO relies on two recruitment agencies based in Paris and Frankfurt.

In our agencies in France and Germany, our consultants are dedicated to the recruitment of managers in their own country. However, our recruitment principles are based on a multicultural approach, which means that each consultant is able to assess the candidates’ abilities to work with a mother company abroad, both in terms of languages and culture. We often recruit managers reporting to headquarters in UK, US, or other European countries.

Both of our recruitment agencies have experienced headhunters working with similar processes:
-Thorough understanding of the client’s needs in order to base the search on a reliable and detailed job specification.
-Headhunting in a list of targeted companies that have been agreed upon with our client. Our networks and internal database are also used during this process.
-Thorough evaluation of candidates through interviews in our recruitment agency. Interviews take place in English, French and German (if required).
-Detailed reports are provided to our client before the interviews with the “short-listed” candidates.
After the final choice of a candidate, our recruitment agencies provide (if required) the necessary support for negotiating the salary and establishing the employment contract.

Our recruitment agencies are located:

-In Paris, near Place de l’Etoile / Arc de Triomphe. This is an easily accessible location.
-In the center of Frankfurt.

What are the main advantages of working with one of our recruitment agencies compared to other agencies?

-A multicultural approach based on over 20 years of international recruitments.
-A team of experienced headhunters, in charge of your recruitment from the early discussion about the job specification until the contract signature with the candidate.
-A structured and proven recruitment process, including a warranty clause.
-Recruitment agencies located in France and Germany, with strong networks in both countries.

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