Our processes and conditions

Do you have a subsidiary in France or you are planning on initiating one? Do you have problems with Human Resources in France concerning your current staff or do you need to recruit executives in France to develop your business? Do you wish to recruit executives in France to strengthen your team or to replace a member of your company in France? Do you plan to buy a company or manage a merger in France?

Our headhunters in France can help your Human Resources in France build your team in a multilingual environment: Our everyday languages are English, German and French.

The right headhunter in France can find executives and qualified employees for every division of your company, greatly assisting your Human Resources in France.

Our mission is to accomplish your goals by recruiting executives in France to present candidates to you that fit perfectly into your company’s culture and operating method. By entrusting your company’s search for the specialists to GBO and our headhunters in France, you will have more time to devote to the successful management of your company.

Business sectors

Our headhunters in France operate in all industrial and service sectors. We have conducted more than 500 sucessful executive searches in France for international companies, including recruitment of experts in very complex fields.

Our selection criteria

When our headhunters in France choose your candidates, three main criteria are analyzed:
  • Technical criteria, i.e. know-how, professional skills, and experience in your field.
  • The candidate’s personality and charisma are the most influential criteria in the recruitment process.
  • Communication skills and the knowledge of foreign languages are also very important to ensure the smooth flow of communication between the company and its subsidiary.

When recruiting executives in France, candidates’ professional experience and career history are of utmost importance as well. We offer a strict selection of candidates according to the firm’s technical nature, corporate culture, and spirit.

Search methods: how do we work?

Over our many years of executive search experience in France, we have developed a set of guidelines which are considered for every personnel search. We would be happy to send you a copy of these guidelines: demand guideline

Further, we adapt each search according to the position and the company’s objectives, and conduct it in complete confidentiality with a strong emphasis on quality. Every search conducted by GBO’s headhunters in France is unique.

Search duration

When recruiting executives in France and Germany, the duration of a search depends on a number of different factors. A search can last six to ten weeks, not including the notice applicants are required to give to their present company before joining their new firm. The usual notice in France is three months, though this is often negotiable. In Germany, it can be anywhere from three to six months or more.

The length of the search also depends on a possible shortage of applications : some positions are harder to fill than others. Another important factor is the ability of managers and their colleagues in charge of Human Resources in France or Germany to accommodate the recruiting process into their already busy schedules. Recruiting takes time for all three parties involved: companies, applicants, and consultants.


The cost of a search when recruiting executives in France depends on the degree of difficulty of the respective recruitment. We always propose a fix fee, independent from the planned salary for the position. In order to match lower budgets, we are also able to offer more limited services requiring more involvement from our customers.


We guarantee the replacement, without any extra cost, of applicants who do not meet the expectations of your Human Resources in France during the first 6 to 12 months depending on the position in question.

Salaries and wages in France

Thanks to our extensive experience in executive search in France we have an outstanding knowledge of the structure of the French salary and wage system

As a specialist of Human Resources in France, GBO regularly edit a brochure, together with the Franco German Chamber of Commerce and Industry which contains information about remuneration in France and the French salary system.

We can provide you upon request with salary statistics and remuneration systems in France in your particular field of activity.

Evaluating employee skills and performance

To support your Human Resources in France, GBO can help evaluate your own employees in the case of a merger or buyout, or simply assist you in better understanding their professional abilities and personalities before considering a promotion or transfer.

You will surely agree that « people are your most important asset, » and we are true professionals when it comes to evaluating your employees’ skills. As outside consultants, we offer a fresh look at your employees and maximize their potential

Our Partners

We would like to present to you our partners with whom we share long lasting relations and whose service offerings we would like to share with you when they are needed for your recruitments or HR in France.

Management of strategy and cooperation:

« Communication problems that often occur in international exchanges may disturb the collaborating activities. These problems often occur because of cultural differences between the collaborators. Our Partner JPB Consulting looks back on 20 years of experience in managing the anthropogenic risks and obscurities within a partnership, the relations between a parent company and its subsidiary as well as of a consolidation.

Tax advisors

They help you find your way through the complicated French tax system.

The Franco German chamber of commerce and industry

Together with the Franco German Chamber of Commerce and Industry we regularly edit the brochure, « Löhne und Gehälter in Frankreich ». It is written in German and contains information about the development of salaries and wages in France.

J&P GmbH

Our partner in Germany is J&P GmbH, based in Munich.

J&P GmbH is searching managers or experts in Germany for international companies in industry, trade or services. Since 17 years, J&P Development develops for each company customized concepts to accompany managers and evaluate the management processes.

J&P is independent and managed by its associates.

Agora Consulting SRL

Our partner in Romania is Agora Consulting SRL, based in Cluj-Napoca.

Agora Consulting SRL has over 7 years of experience in providing a wide range of consulting services for multinational, national and local companies. The broad work field of Agora is spread from implementation of strategies via employee assessment programs to organizational development by means of recruitment, assessments, training and coaching. Agora Consulting’s reputation has been built on reactivity, quality and efficiency of its services.

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