Our Principles

Listening and Understanding:

We listen very carefully to your requirements concerning your Human Resources situation in France. It is for us essential to understand in detail your needs, in order to drive your recruitment or executive search in France efficiently.

Trust :

Recruiting is a complex process. Executive searches in France require a high level of trust and confidentiality among the three parties: company, consultant, and applicant. This is the vital prerequisite for success. The quality and content of our applicant interviews are essential for our headhunters in France to find the right person for the job.

Flexibility :

We always develop the best customized solutions to suit our client’s needs and the culture of their companies. We adapt as well our search process to the current situation of the market France.

Quality :

Subsidiaries of foreign groups in France have specific criteria for selecting staff for their Human Resources in France. In some cases, experience, personality, reliability and a command of languages (German, English, French, etc.) are decisive factors in executives search in France. In other cases, knowledge of the two cultures and mentalities is equally important in maintaining an effective relationship with head office.

Assistance :

We personally assist successful applicants in their new position as they become part of the company’s Human Resources in France, and provide support as required. Our discreet follow-up of the candidate in his (her) new position ensures that the transition passes smoothly and the applicant feels supported in his (her) new venture.

Guarantee :

We guarantee the replacement, without any extra cost, of applicants who do not meet the expectations of your Human Resources in France during the first 6 to 12 months depending on the position in question.

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