International Presence

GBO is currently increasing its international presence to accompany our clients in their worldwide development. Being traditionally based in France and Germany, with offices in Paris and Frankfurt, we have expanded our European network by partnering with recruitment agencies in the UK, Poland, Spain and Romania.
Based in France and Germany, GBO Human Resources is also active in Romania, the UK, Poland, and Spain.

Additionally, we are currently expanding our international presence to South American countries to be able to provide assistance to our clients on this continent. For further information on our recruitment offer in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GBO's network in South America includes Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, and Panama.

International partnerships

For our international recruitments, we have initiated strong partnerships with local head-hunters, able to source the right candidates in terms of education and experience, but also personality-wise. We select our partners carefully, to ensure that they fit with GBO’s spirit and adhere to our values.

The collaboration with local sourcing partners helps GBO Human Resources to find the best candidates for our client.

After the sourcing stage, GBO takes over and conducts interviews with the candidates, either through Skype or face-to-face interviews, depending on the candidate’s location and/or position. Final candidates are then selected according to our process and criteria.

In any case, we guarantee that one of our consultants meets the candidates face to face at some point of the recruitment process.

Business sectors

Our international recruitment partners operate in all industrial and service sectors.

Selection criteria

Just as for our executive searches in France, three main criteria are analysed:

Furthermore, the candidates’ career history is of utmost importance when recruiting executives worldwide. We offer a strict selection of candidates according to the company’s technical nature, corporate culture, and spirit, as well as the cultural context of the international subsidiary.

Search methods: how do we work?

Over our many years of recruitment experience, we have developed a set of guidelines which we follow for every executive search. We would be happy to forward you a copy of these guidelines: demand guidelines

Besides, we adapt each search to our client’s specific objectives, the position and the country of operations. Of course, each executive search is conducted in absolute confidentiality with a strong emphasis on quality.

Search duration

When recruiting executives worldwide, the duration of a search depends on a number of different factors. Recruitments can last six to ten weeks, not including the notice that candidates are required to give to their current company before joining their new firm. The usual notice varies between countries and lies normally between 0 and 3 months.

The length of the search also depends on a possible shortage of applications : some positions are harder to fill than others and some markets experience shortages of skilled labour. Another important factor is the flexibility operational and HR managers have to accommodate the recruiting process into their already busy schedules. Recruitments take time for all three parties involved: companiesapplicants, and consultants.

Recruitment fees

The cost of an international recruitment depends on various factors, such as the position to be filled and the degree of difficulty of the respective recruitment. Due to currency fluctuations, we tend to propose fixed fees for our international recruitments, independent of the planned local salary for the position. In order to match lower budgets, we are also able to offer more limited services requiring more involvement from our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


We guarantee the replacement, free of charge, of candidates who do not meet the company’s expectations. The length of the guarantee depends on the seniority of the position in question and can be up to 12 months for executive positions.

Recruitment in Peru

Recruitment channels in Peru

The main channels for recruitments in Peru are large, general job boards and specialized job boards such as the alumni networks of Peru’s most important universities. Furthermore, social media, mainly LinkedIn, are becoming increasingly popular recruitment tools.

 Characteristics of recruitments in Peru

Peru is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, mainly in the fields of mining, construction, real estate, infrastructure development, and retail. Due to the country’s economic stability and abundance of natural resources, many international companies are settling, and therefore recruiting, in Peru. The considerable expansion of the Peruvian economy has led to skilled labour shortages in several industries, mainly mining, construction and other infrastructure activities. The resulting difficulty to attract qualified talent can be overcome by entrusting experienced head-hunters with recruitments in Peru. GBO’s local partner in Peru is familiar with the main Peruvian recruitment channels and able to identify and attract Peruvian and foreign talent.

 Our local recruitment partner in Peru

Through our local partner, we are able to conduct recruitments in Peru. For more information on our global network and the terms and conditions of our global recruitment services, we invite you to contact us directly.

Recruitment in Colombia

Salaries in Colombia

As the country’s stability is increasing and the economy displaying encouraging growth rates, a growing number of international companies are settling in Colombia and are looking for qualified workers. When recruiting in Colombia, it is important to understand the peculiarities of the local recruitment market: Although Colombia’s gross national income (GNI) per capita is only one sixth of Germany’s, salaries for specialists and top managers tend to be higher than in Europe. Employer costs are additionally increased through insurance payments for workers, with social security charges amounting to around 31% of gross salaries.

Characteristics of recruitments in Colombia

Still lagging behind in educational issues, it is rather difficult to find qualified candidates with a good English proficiency when recruiting in Colombia. A good knowledge of local recruitment channels is therefore a key success factor when searching for candidates in Colombia.

Recruitment channels in Colombia

Classic recruitment channels such as job boards are popular and work well in Colombia. Nevertheless, alumni networks and the personal and professional networks of recruiters also play an important role.

 Our local recruitment partner in Colombia

For our recruitments in Colombia, we work with a human-sized HR agency specialized in recruitments, coaching and other HR services. Placing the individual at the centre of its recruitment approach, our Colombian partner focuses on identifying talents and empowering those talents by developing their professional and personal competences. Through our local headhunting partner, we are able to offer flexible and personalized recruitment services in Colombia, taking into account our client’s situation and needs. Together, we can select candidates who are highly qualified in different areas: human qualities, relevant professional skills, experience, potential, motivation, and integrity. The selected candidates are consequently able to contribute to their company’s productivity, competitiveness and profitability. Our recruitment services in Colombia cover all industrial branches and organizational positions.

If you are interested in recruitments in Colombia, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recruitment in Paraguay

Growing demand for recruitments in Paraguay

Foreign investment in Paraguay has increased over the past years due to governmental incentives and the country’s increasingly favourable business climate: Paraguay’s macroeconomic stability, legal conditions and conditions for starting up businesses are improving. Therefore, more and more international companies consider settling in Paraguay and are searching to hire executives. If you are looking for a recruitment partner in Paraguay, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Paraguayan labour market

Paraguay is a country with a strong food industry, mainly specialized on meat production. The agricultural sector accounts for 20.4% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). When recruiting in Paraguay, demographics are an important factor. 70% of the Paraguayan population is under 35 years old. This constitutes a large source of young candidates willing to access the labour market. Furthermore, salaries are low in Paraguay due to the growing labour force and the fact that Paraguay is still a developing nation. This results in minimum wages of roughly 400$ and an additional social security burden of 25.5%.

Characteristics of recruitments in Paraguay

Nevertheless, recruiting in Paraguay can be a challenge. The country’s educational system remains weak and well-educated workers with sound professional and language skills are difficult to find. Working with local recruitment agencies is therefore recommended when searching for executives in Paraguay.

Our local recruitment partner in Paraguay

For recruitments in Paraguay, we are partnering with a medium-sized Paraguayan company. Our local partner has 20 years of experience in providing various HR services including recruitments, headhunting, consulting, HR training and development, and outsourcing. Active in various industries, our partner agency has accompanied many large, international companies in their recruitments in Paraguay, among others Huawei, Nestle, Bayer, Syngenta, DHL, LG and TAM airlines. If you wish to conduct recruitments in Paraguay, please contact us for further information.

Recruitment in Panama

Recruitment channels in Panama

When recruiting in Panama, the personal network of the consultant is of utmost importance. Actually, this recruitment channel is the most relevant source of candidates in Panama, before job boards or social networks. Companies should keep this in mind when conducting recruitments in Panama. Therefore, having a good local partner with an excellent personal network is crucial when searching for candidates in Panama.

 Characteristics of recruitments in Panama

An interesting aspect of the recruitment market in Panama is the multiculturalism characterizing the country: The Republic of Panama is a real melting pot inhabited by different nationalities, such as immigrants from the neighbouring countries of Colombia and Venezuela, but also from various Asian countries such as Japan. As the cultural ties between Panama and the U.S. are strong, English-speaking candidates can be found relatively easily. One of the difficulties when recruiting in Panama is the high level of job mobility of Panamanian candidates: it is actually rather difficult to find workers with a stable career path. However, this is at least partly caused by the fluctuations of Panama’s economy, incentivizing companies to lay off workers rather quickly. This flexibility of Panama’s job market is also established by law: the usual notice period for Panamanian candidates is 15 days.

 Our local recruitment partner in Panama

For our headhunting in Panama, we have established a successful cooperation with a human-sized local company. Its consultants follow a well-defined and highly professional selection process. Having a deep understanding of the Panamanian labour market, our local partner has proven his professionality when supporting the recruitments we conducted for our clients in Panama. Our partner is specialized in recruiting middle management and executive positions in various sectors. Some examples are finance, tourism, education, construction, consumer goods, trade, services, entertainment, and hospitality.

We invite you to contact us if you are looking for recruitments in Panama.

Recruitment in Argentina

Advantages of doing business in Argentina

Argentina is an interesting country of activity for foreign companies as it offers an excellent entry point into Mercosur, the regional common market between Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, including over 226 million inhabitants. Strong sectors of the Argentinean industry are IT and telecommunications, wholesale and retail, finance, assurance, petroleum, minerals and construction, manufacturing, services, transportation, agriculture and public administration. Special growth is expected in the creative industries and fashion, the educational sector, environmental solutions, healthcare and medical devices, and oil, gas and power. It is therefore not surprising that many international companies, mainly from the U.S., France and Spain, are already doing business in Argentina or are currently developing the Argentinean market. If you are looking for support to recruit managers and staff in Argentina, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Argentinean labour market

As Argentina is one of the most developed countries in South America, the Argentinean labour market offers a competitive and qualified workforce, and millions of jobs have been created in Argentina over the past years. Nevertheless, the unemployment rate remains relatively high in comparison with other Latin-American countries, a fact that facilitates recruitments in Argentina. However, some industries face skilled labour shortages, mainly in the areas of IT, new technologies, biology and in the automotive industry. It is therefore advisable to cooperate with an experienced recruitment partner for headhunting in Argentina.

 Salaries in Argentina

When it comes to labour costs, one should not underestimate salaries in Argentina, which are among the highest in Latin America, with additional social security charges of 18-30% for employers.

Common recruitment channels in Argentina

When recruiting in Argentina, a good understanding of local recruitment channels is important. Main recruitment channels in Argentina are CV databases and job boards. Furthermore, personal networks play an important role and it is important to choose a local recruitment partner with a well-developed recruitment network.

Our local recruitment partner in Argentina

When conducting recruitments in Argentina, we partner with a medium-sized local recruitment agency specialized in various HR services such as executive searches, headhunting, consulting and HR training. With its over 20 years of recruitment experience, our local partner has worked for numerous international groups in different industry sectors, for example in the food industry, telecommunications, and transportation.

To request more information about our recruitment services in Argentina, please contact us by clicking here.

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