Headhunter France : a highly skilled job!

Expertize of our headhunters in France

Being a successful headhunter in France requires a strong experience. All our headhunters are skilled professionals with a proven successful track record in the industry or in the services.

After discussing carefully with his client, our headhunter is able to understand and formalize quickly the technical and soft skills required for the position to be filled in France. The way the headhunter will identify and approach good candidates in France depends on the business sector and the type of position. Generally speaking, a list of targeted companies is established by the consultant and approved by the client.

In each of these companies, potential candidates are then identified and approached by the headhunter. This is a tricky step, as the headhunter must
-on one side “sell” the position without giving much information (for confidentiality reasons)
-on the other side get from the manager the key information he needs to decide whether or not to proceed with him or her.

Our headhunter will then conduct interviews in our offices in France (In Paris). Here again, specific skills are necessary, in order for the headhunter to assess the candidates in 1,5-2 hours’ time. Last but not least, references at formers employers are taken for all the “short-listed” candidates.

In the last phase, the candidates from the short list are interviewed by our client. The headhunter participates to this first interview, and gives the necessary support and advice for selecting the final candidate.

Don’t hesitate to contact us , we would be pleased to give you more information on our experience, and on the way our headhunters in France could assist you in recruiting new managers.

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